1) Plasticrafts Pools
  2) Hatchery Systems

  2a) Fish Hatcheries
  Vertical Jar Hatchery
  Floating Egg Sac Hatchery
  2b) Shrimp/Prawn Hatcheries
  2c) Hatchery Products from AREA Inc. (USA)
  3) Nursery Rearing Systems
  4) PFC Breeding Systems
  5) PFC Artemia Incubation Jar & Live Feed Culture Pools
  6) PFC Dolphin Porta - Trout Hatcheries
  7) Recirculatory Aquaculture Systems

  7a) Indoor Closed Circuit Recirculating Aquaculture Systems
  7b) Outdoor Treatment & Recirculatory Systems For Existing Aquaculture Stations
  7c) SKIM Recirculatory Systems (Acqua & co. Italy)
  8) Aquaculture Effluent Pond Treatment Systems
9) PFC Dolphin Aqua fibre Containers
10) Filteration Systems
11) PFC 'BIO-MAX' Biomedia
  12) Pond/Tank Lining
  13) PFC DolphinTransport Systems
  14) PFC Dolphin Fish Cages & Floats
  15) PFC Aeration & Mixing Systems

  15a) ECO 2 Aero Mixers (Acqua & co. Italy)
  15b) Force 7- Pond Aerators (Acqua & co. Italy)
  15c) SPLASH Cascade Aerators (Acqua & co. Italy)
  15d) RIO Grand Submersible Pond Circulators (Acqua & co. Italy)
  15e) Blowers & Compressors
  15f) Aeration Accessories
  16) Solar Powered Feeders from SOLARIS (Austria)
  17) Other Equipments from PFC Group
Pools in Shrimp Hatchery System
Pools in M.Rosenbergi Hatchery System
Pools & Incubator in Commercial Hatcheries
Online Hatchery Strainer

Pressure Sand Filter (Upto 32M3/hr)

DC Operator Air Compressor From AREA Inc.(USA) Cap. to 30 airstones
"The System could be Designed for Flow through or Recirculatory Pattern"

"We Provide complete Design, Plan & Equipments for Fish & Prawn Hatcheries"

System has flexibity to allow adaptation at any stage.This system could be used for handling intermediary stages as and when required.Comprehensive package available with specialised equipment (including DC Pump/Blowers for backup)
Larveal Rearing Tanks
Artemia Hatching jar
Live feed Culture
Harvesting Bucket
Capacity Availble: From 1.0Million PL/Annum to 10.0Million PL/Annum
System could be complete with FILTERATION & AERATION packages

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