About Us

THE PLASTICRAFTS GROUP are the Pioneering Designers, Manufacturers, Exporters, & Importers of the most Comprehensive Range in Aquaculture Equipment & Systems

The Company was established in 1959 & has contributed greatly to the development of PISCICULTURE in the Indian Sub-continent

With thousands of installations in over 25 countries The PCG moto has been to provide innovative solutions for every sector in Aquaculture.

PLASTICRAFTS is Priveledged to have worked closely with some of the most renowned aquaculture scientists from across the world

The company also Exclusively represents some of the leading Global Providers of Aquaculture Equipment- (1) ACQUA & CO (ITALY) (2) AREA Inc (USA) (3) SOLARIS (AUSTRIA)

With this catalogue we present the TOTAL SOLUTION FINDER for every Equipment requirement in Aquaculture.

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